How do I enable Legal Compliance auto-archiving in zMailCloud?

Authorized Administrator accounts can now manage zMailCloud's Legal Compliance Archiving (LCA) accounts using the auto-archiving feature.  The purpose of the auto-archiving feature is to allow Domain Administrators greater control in managing which accounts are enabled for Legal Compliance Archiving. 

To activate auto-archiving on your domain, please follow these steps:

Select the Admin Console link from the gear drop-down menu next to your name in the web client:

Once logged into the Admin Console, select Manage > Distribution Lists:

From the gear icon in the upper right corner of the Admin Console select New (distribution list):

Create a new distribution list called (replace with your actual domain name you are using in zMailCloud) for the new distribution list name:

Important Note: The purpose of the noarchive@ distribution list is to add users you do not wish to enable Legal Compliance Archiving on.  Any account that you do not wish to enable Legal Archiving on should be added to the noarchive@ list.  You can add users to the list by searching for the user(s) under Add Members to this list.  Click add selected when finished.

In this example, I have added to the distribution list and his account will not be archived.  Any account on your domain that is not added to your distribution list will be automatically archived by the zMailCloud system. 

Once finished adding accounts, click Finish to create your noarchive@ distribution list.  

If you have any questions or need any help with this feature of zMailCloud, please submit a ticket. 


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