Backing up Microsoft Outlook, Calendars and Contacts

Backing up Outlook, Calendars and Contact Data

*This article is for use with Outlook 2010 and newer.  If you require assistance with an Older version of Outlook, please submit a ticket*


In order to backup your mail, contacts and calendars you must create a PST file.  Open Outlook and Click FIle >> Open & Import > Import/Export. From the list of options select Export to a File. Then select the .PST option:



Next, Select the item you wish to backup.  To back up everything in your outlook profile to one PST file, select the upper most item, as shown in the screen shot below.  However, the name of your upper most item may be different from the screen shot.  Also, be sure the "include subfolders" option is checked:


Now, select a location for your exported PST file, and choose how to handle duplicates.  The best option for most users is the, "Replace duplicates with items exported" option:


Lastly, Outlook will ask if you would like to create a password for the pst file.  This is not necessary, and you can simply leave these fields blank, and click OK:


Outlook will then create the PST file, which can take quite some time depending on the number of items being exported.  The exported PST can be found in the location you selected in the steps above. 

If you have any questions regarding this process, please submit a trouble ticket:


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