What is zMailCloud’s SPF record, how do I set mine?

In addition to publishing our own SPF record, zMailCloud also reads SPF records set on domains/accounts which send email to zMailCloud.

Using our SPF record:

zMailCloud publishes and maintains an SPF record at — this record must be included in your own SPF record, not duplicated. Your SPF record should be, at a minimum:

“v=spf1 ~all”

You may include other elements in your SPF record if appropriate, such as if you send mail from another server, or via another email system. If you have an SPF record, then ALL systems that are authorized to send mail from your domain must be designated in it. This includes any other mail providers in addition to zMailCloud  — they likely publish a similar record to ours for inclusion in customer SPF records as we do.

Note the “~all” portion of the SPF record. This means that should mail fail to meet the rules specified by the SPF record, it should be considered a “soft failure” by mail servers. Once you are confident that your SPF record is correct, you may change that to “-all” in order to direct mail servers to strictly enforce it. e.g.:

“v=spf1 -all”

Checking your SPF record

You can use this website to check your SPF record:

If you have an SPF record and the record does NOT include “” within it, that is a problem you should correct immediately. Note that you may have *more* elements in it, but should always have the inclusion of the record.

More information

In your DNS records, your SPF record should be, minimally: “v=spf1 ~all”

This is assuming that you *only* send mail through the zMailCloud system. If anybody within your company/domain uses an external system, for example Google Mail, and sends mail as a user, then the SPF data for that external system (for example Google Mail) must also be referenced in *your* SPF record.

Incorrect DNS information, and incorrect SPF record(s), will cause problems with your mail delivery that may take time to resolve. Always ask us first if you have any questions about implementing changes to your DNS!

Please note once you implement an SPF record, it must be correct, otherwise it can cause issues for zMailCloud itself, and by extension our other clients. This is a community issue, and therefore covered under our Agreement with you in section 18, Fair Use. If we notify you by email or ticket to correct your SPF, you are required to take action immediately. Thank you again for your consideration and understanding.

What is an SPF Record?

Important note: if a sender sends email to an email account hosted in zMailCloud and email is returned to sender as undelivered due to an incorrect SPF record, the email sender may need to make adjustments their SPF record in order for their email to be received in zMailCloud.


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