Configure with LDAP

This article describes the steps necessary to configure with LDAP.

To begin, open Thunderbird:

Navigate to Thunderbird > Preferences:

Navigate to Composing > Addressing > Edit Directories:

In the Select An LDAP Directory window, click Add:

Enter LDAP settings:

Name: zMailcloud LDAP
Hostname: (For your hostname please contact zMailcloud support)
Base DN: Personalize the information by substituting your domain name where it reads "domain", and substituting your generic top level domain (gTLD) where it reads "com". 
Port number: 389 
Bind DN: uid= your email address before @ sign, ou =people, dc=domain, dc=com (Personalize dc=domain, dc=com with your domain and generic top level domain)
SSL: Leave unchecked. Note: Some versions of OS X may require SSL checked.

Click on the Advanced tab:

Don't return more than 100 results
Scope: Subtree
Search filter: (mail=*)

Press OK when you are finished.

The Composition window will confirm a new LDAP directory. Press OK:

The Preferences window will appear. In the Directory Server field, select "zMailcloud LDAP", then close the Preferences window:

To verify LDAP is setup successfully, navigate to Thunderbird's Address Book, select "zMailcloud LDAP", and search for a contact on your domain or compose a new email message using address autocomplete in the "To:" field

If you need any assistance, please submit a ticket


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