Managing Personas In The Webmail Client

Creating Personas

Creating different mail identities, called personas, allows you to use multiple email addresses from your mailbox. You might want to do this to manage different roles in your job and personal life from this single email account.

To create a persona open the Preferences tab and configure the following:

1. On the Accounts tab, click Add Persona.


2. In the Persona Settings section enter a name for this persona. This name is used to identify the persona in the From list when composing an email. It does not appear in the email message.



3. In the text box below From: type the name that should appear in the From field of your outgoing email messages (for example, John). This is the friendly name that is shown before your email address. In the second box, select the email address to send messages from. Your account configuration may let you create an address.


4. If replies should be sent to a name and address different from that which you configured in From, check Reply-to. Enter the name and address that should receive replies for this identity. For example, replies to training messages John sends should be sent to Team Training at


5. If you want messages in specific folders to automatically use this persona, check Replying to or forwarding messages in folder(s). Click the folder icon to select one or more folders from the list of existing folders or to create a new folder. Type a comma or semi-colon to separate folders entered in the box.


6. Click Save to save this persona.


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