How do I add my logo to the login and web interface?

Also: "How do I customize a Zimbra theme?" and "Can I rebrand Zimbra?"

Note: we have been requested that this article be labeled confidential, as a customer of zMailCloud, we request that you please do not share this information publicly on the internet.

The appearance of the Web Client user interface can be customized. Changing the appearance of the interface can be as easy as selecting which zMailCloud themes are available to the users or you can customize one of the themes provided.

If you have your own domain name, we can customize a zMailCloud theme to reflect your organizational identity. zMailCloud accounts deliver the highest level of the Zimbra software, called the Network Professional Edition. As a Network Edition customer, you may choose to add your organizational logo to any of the themes. After your first 30 days, we will perform the customization to one theme for you once free-of-charge; you need only provide the two graphics as specified below. Additional themes are $200/theme.

This is the company logo in the upper-left of the zMailCloud Web Client application and the administration console. The dimensions of the graphic must be 170W x 35H.
This is the company logo that displays on the login and splash screens for the zMailCloud Web Client and the administration console. The dimension of the graphic must be 300W x 30H.

Both files must be supplied in PNG file format with dimensions as specified above.

If possible, graphics should contain no background so they can float transparently. If it is not possible to use a graphic without a background, we may be able to work around it. The graphics should be "landscape" rather than "portrait" as this is how they will be displayed.

Please create a ticket specifying which theme you would like customized (sand, steel, etc.) with your graphics, subject: custom graphics, and attach the two files to the ticket.

Customized themes are generally enabled during our maintenance window on Saturday night, although we may not implement them until the next upgrade.

Because we cannot guarantee that customized themes will survive upgrades to the next major release of ZCS, Zimbra recommends that you limit customization to modifying the Zimbra theme files to replace the logo, or possibly to change colors.

Note: More extensive customization could be made by editing the JavaScript. These types of changes are not supported for upgrades, and only on dedicated servers, not in our shared hosting environment. You would need us to manually merge your edited JavaScript when upgrading to a new version of ZCS.


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