Configuring your iPhone for push mail, calendar and contact sync


You may wirelessly and automatically sync mail, contacts and calendar to your iPhone. This is also known as over-the-air sync, or OTA sync, and as of 2010, the iPhone still uses a Microsoft technology called ActiveSync to do it.'s Zimbra servers support push email for the iPhone and ActiveSync using a Zimbra licensing option called Zimbra Mobile. Zimbra Mobile is enabled by default for all Zimbra Cloud - Pro mailboxes, unless you purchased service with a monthly term prior to August, 2010.

Note that currently ActiveSync, a Microsoft technology, enables mutli-calendar and contact sync over the air for iPhone users, (although not yet shared calendars) 



Important Note: Before creating your account, create a backup of your calendars and contacts as well as your iPhone settings.

On the iPhone, click the "Settings"button:

Click on "Mail, Contacts, Calendars":

Select "Add Account":

Chose the option for "Microsoft Exchange":

Under the Email section put in your full email address:
  • The domain field should be left blank
  • Username should also be your full email address.
  • For the password section enter your Zimbra email account's password.
  • The description should also be your full email address

Once you have these fields complete, click the Next button on the top right hand corner. 
It will verify the account information and give you an error that it cannot verify the certificate. 
Click the Accept/Continue button:

You will now see a field to enter your server information.  If you are unsure of your server address, please contact your System Administrator or contact us through a new help desk ticket at 

Enter your server address in the Server field on the iPhone and press 'Next':
It will then ask if you want to sync mail, contacts and calendars. Select the items you want to sync using the on/off buttons:

Next Steps


Enable Push

To set your iPhone to use push email (automatic, quickly sending email as it's received to your iPhone), enable it by going to: 

Settings >> Push

Note that when you enable Push, it will drain the battery faster than normal. To help alleviate the impact of Push on your iPhone, you might try also dimming your screen to the lowest level comfortable for use.
Multiple Calendar Sync
To view multiple calendars on your iPhone, navigate to the iCal application. In the top left corner, there is a back arrow marked Calendars. Click on Calendars to view your calendars. You can view calendars one at a time by clicking on each individually or select 'All' to view all calendar data.

To view multiple address books ( Groups ) on your iPhone, navigate to your contacts. In the top left corner, click Groups. Under Groups you can choose to view a specific address book of your choice. 

A note about your inbox and filtering messages on your iPhone

Many people use Microsoft Outlook/Exchange at work, or some other mail client such as, and use its rules system to automatically separate incoming emails into different organizational folders. While the iPhone can see all of these folders, only messages in the INBOX will trigger the iPhone to alert you of a new message. If you have Zimbra or Exchange set to automatically place new emails in a sub folder, the iPhone will not tell you about them. This is an iPhone issue.

Enabling ActiveSync (aka Zimbra Mobile licensing)
If it's not already enabled, to enable ActiveSync (aka "Zimbra Mobile") on your mailbox(es), and if you need further assistance, please submit a ticket

A note about Personas (identities) and your iPhone

Want to change the email address you're sending from on your iPhone or iPod Touch?

You may set the canonical address in the Zimbra domain admin (Personal hosting customers must submit a ticket with a request, since they do not have access to the domain admin) to reflect the email address you'd like to send "from" on your iPhone. You must also change the Mail setting to reflect the email address you'd like to send from:

iPhone Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Accounts > Select your account
Account Info > Email

Email should be set to:

* Note that your email will have to re-download if/when you change this Email address. [Thanks, Julian!]


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