How do I setup my Zimbra account on an Android device?

This article contains the steps to setup your Zimbra account on an Android device using an Exchange Activesync connection (Zimbra Mobile). 

Please back up any and all data on the device before you initiate the following steps:

From your Droid Home Screen, select the EMail/My Accounts icon:

- Click Add New Account
- Select Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync as the account type (or Corporate Email).
- Click 'Manual Setup'
- Enter your Zimbra account settings: 

  • Email Address: your full Zimbra email address
  • Server Address: If you are unsure what your server address is, please contact your System Administrator or contact our help desk by submitting a ticket at 
  • Domain: (leave blank)
  • Username: Zimbra email address 
  • Password: Zimbra account password
  • Check 'This server requires an SSL connection' 

- Click 'Next'.
- Select the data you want to sync (Mail, Contacts, and Calendar).
- Click 'Finish Setup'.

Additional info: 
  Some Android devices require that you must 1st navigate to the web client using your phone's web broswer and accept the security certificate at your Zimbra webmail login address before setting up your account.  In addition, some phones only require the specific server address name (ex., while others require the prefix).


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    Aniz Bajracharya

    Firstly I am very much interested in Zimbra and their productivity tools and I am using Zimbra Mail. It is very easy and it works super fast. I found it very helpful but in past I had a problem and didnt have any knowledge to setup my Zimbra account on an Android device.Zimbra Mobile Installation Android-based smartphones natively sync email, contacts, and calendars to Zimbra accounts. Th step made me clear to login Android device using an Exchange Activesync connection (Zimbra Mobile).Also I have back up any and all data on the device before initiating the following steps.I had shared this article to my technical friends to know more about it and your work is very satisfied. Also I have an article for Zoho Email Login and Reset Steps. Please look and it and any mistakes are found please feel free to comment. The link is :

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