How to install the Zimbra Outlook Connector

This is a guide for installing and configuring the Zimbra Outlook Connector. The Outlook Connector is an application that will automatically sync all of the information in your Zimbra account with your copy of Outlook 2003/2007/2010, including your email, contacts, and calendars. Lets get started!

Before you install

  • Import Wizard for Outlook: Installing the Outlook Connector will install a new profile in Outlook. If you already have an existing .PST backup of Outlook items that you would like to directly import into you account or have new .PST files created from the first step of this article, please run the Import Wizard for Outlook found in the Downloads section of your Zimbra Admin. 
  • Be aware of how much internet speed/bandwidth you have available for this process! We recommend high-speed/high-bandwidth upload/download internet connections with plenty of availability for larger and/or many simultaneous uploads.

  • We highly recommend performing your uploads over night, over weekends, and in any event not during your business hours.

  • Verify you are not using a firewall, load-balancer, packet-shaper, router or other network appliance that will interfere with the priority of your internet traffic! If you are using such a network appliance, commonly used with VOIP telephone systems to prioritize their traffic, you must configure it to prioritize traffic to/from the Zimbra servers (or your Zimbra server), or, preferrably, turn its prioritization off for such data. If the Zimbra advanced web client is not functioning well, this kind of intereference is a common cause! You must fix this. 


Download the Zimbra Connector for Outlook, available in your Zimbra Admin "Downloads" section.

Once downloaded, double click on the installer to get started:


An installer window will populate, welcoming you to the process:

Clicking next will take us to the license agreement page, which defaults to the do not accept setting:

You will have to click on I accept to move forward:

Clicking on next will install the connector proper. But, as the Zimbra Outlook Connector is only compatible with Outlook 2003/2007/2010, the connector should not install with an earlier version (like 2002, for example). If you have an incompatible version, you will receive a error message:

But because we really do meet the requirements, we will get a successful installation message:

The Connector installation is now complete, and you can click Finish. With the connector installed, we now need to configure Outlook to connect to the Zimbra server. When we launch Outlook, the new Connector software will prompt us to configure our Zimbra account with the following dialog box:

The Server Name field should be filled in with the name of the mail server that is hosting your Zimbra account.  If you are unsure what your server address is, please contact your System Administrator or contact us by submitting a help desk ticket at 

Use Secure Connection should be checked, unless your Domain Admin has given alternate instructions. Enter in your email address and password, and you should be good to go. The other two panes can be left as they are unless otherwise directed.

Once you click OK, your account is now configured and Outlook will start to sync with the Zimbra server. Don't worry if you dont see your email appear immediately, it takes about five to ten minutes to begin pulling all of your email, contacts, and calendars into Outlook. You can keep track of Outlooks progress with the progress window that populates once the data transfer starts:

Once the folder synchronization is completed, you are ready to go! Outlook will automatically sync your contacts, calendars, and email with the Zimbra web client.

If you follow these directions and still have difficulty, please submit a ticket.



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