How do I share a calendars, address books, email folders, etc. to another user in Zimbra?

To share items to other users in Zimbra, 1st login to your webmail account.  

Once logged in, navigate to the item type you'd like to share.  In this example we will share a calendar to another user, so I'm selecting the Calendar tab at the top of webmail:



Next, right-click (control-click if using a Mac) on the name of the calendar you'd like to share from your calendar list.  In this example I would like to share the calendar Schedule to another user.  A dialogue box will appear.  Select Share Calendar


A Share Properties window will appear: 


  • For internal sharing between Zimbra users, select Internal Users or Groups in the Share With: section.
  • In the email address field, enter the email address or distribution list you'd like to share the calendar to..
  • For Role, enter the rights you'd like to grant to the other user.
  • Click OK to share the calendar to the recipient.

Once the share is sent, the other user will need to login to his/her webmail account (accepting shares will not work in Apple Mail, Outlook, etc.).  Check the Inbox for the share email: 



Click on the email and choose Accept Share:


An Accept Share dialogue box will appear.  Click Yes to accept the share: 



Once the share is accepted, the user will see the new shared item in their account: 



Repeat this process for any additional calendars, address books, email folders or briefcase items you'd like to share.  

Note: There is an additional step to opening the share in Outlook if the user has the Zimbra Connector installed.  To open the shares in Outlook, go to File > Open > Other User's Folder (or Mailbox) and search for the user's account where the share originates > OK.  Alternately you can navigate to the Zimbra menu in Outlook >  Open other users mailbox to mount the shared items in Outlook. 

If you need any assistance, please submit a help desk ticket


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